On March 22 at 6:24AM, Zagreb was struck by an earthquake, affecting not only those who were physically there. That’s the reason five women who were born and raised in Zagreb, but currently live and work in Amsterdam, started the Zagreb Earthquake Relief initiative. Almost €173k were raised through the campaign, an equivalent of HRK1.3m. Half of the donations are used to buy machines necessary for a neonatal hospital that was damaged by the earthquake. With the other half, we have launched a relief initiative together with the Foundation SOLIDARNA: Fond 5.5, 5.5 referring to the magnitude of the earthquake. The intention is to financially support the most vulnerable citizens who are in dire need of help at the moment.

Fond 5.5 will be open for further donations throughout the duration of the open call, from  April 15th to 29th, so our help can reach even more households of Zagreb. In case you wish to contribute the initiative, you can donate now. Please check the details below for further information.

*We don't accept donations from oil, gas, and the arms industries, and political parties.